Families you’ll be helping

Courtney's family

Nine-year-old Courtney is a carer for her mum, who suffers from severe mental health problems after her own traumatic childhood. Her mum is frequently hospitalised for long periods of time. When this happens Courtney stays with her dad and his wife. She could stay with them permanently, but she's terrified of leaving her mum alone.

With constant hold ups in benefit claims, they're left with very little money. Courtney and her mum are worried they won’t be allowed to live together, so they rarely tell anybody how difficult it is.

Amber's family

Eleven-year-old Amber and her two-year-old brother Jayden stay with their older sister Jennifer, who already has a young baby.

They moved in with their sister after Amber found her mum lying on the floor, having suffered a heart attack. Her mum was already dead.

Amber now has severe anxiety attacks when she's left alone in a room, and needs constant adult company. Jennifer, who's also dealing with her own grief, recently lost her job because she often had to leave work early to tend to Amber’s needs.